Ive started thinking things that make me think im growing up…

18 Oct

So in many ways I’m nowhere near grown up. I lack some ‘qualities’ I see in my mother that I feel define her as an adult. For example motivation. This morning as my alarm went off at 8am for me to get up for my 9am lecture I just thought ‘fuck that,’ turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. Imagine if my mum did this in a morning instead of getting up for work everyday? Is it just something you learn to do? If so when? To be fair I could do with learning pretty soon if I want to get a decent degree!!

So why do I think I’m growing up?

Well I’m the first to admit I’ve not been the most ‘saintly’ of girls, if I tried to act all innocent I’d just be being hypocritical. I’ve, lets say dabbled in many things (please don’t let your imagination go too wild here!!) but the other day something changed.

Boyff may not know this, but for the past couple of weeks I thought I might have been pregnant. This sent me into a complete panic. Firstly because I didn’t know how I’d manage to tell my mother if I was (I surprisingly wasn’t worried about telling boyff), and secondly because of the damage I could have done to the baby. So I took a test, without telling him, and it turned out I wasn’t pregnant.

Afterwards I was pleasantly surprised at the change this ‘scare’ caused me. The second reason for my panic had a profound and very grown up effect on me, and subsequently will effect the rest of my uni life. I couldn’t live with myself if I gave birth to a child, and gave my boyfriend a child, that was somehow ill from something I’d done. The realisation of the damage I could have done to my unborn baby from the drink I’d consumed and the things I’d smoked that I definitely shouldn’t have. To put it brutally honestly, this scared the living shit out of me!!

So I’ve taken a vow. Only a vow to myself, but I know I’ll keep it. Okay I can’t say I won’t drink again, because I enjoy a glass of wine of a evening, but I’m not taking or smoking anything, ever ever again that could hurt any potential unborn baby of mine. My friends, naive as ever, think I’m being really deep saying this (or really boring, depending on which way they look at it!!) , but honestly I’m not, its just something I have to do. Growth.

therealnewgirl x


Horrible Histories- Pachacuti

17 Oct

I know its a kids program but i love it! Its educational, still teacches me things everytime i watch it, its funny, and its full of catchy songs and im a sucker for a musical!! This is may fav one, and heres a couple more thinks to some other good ones!

17 Oct

I dont get what all the fuss about brad pitt is, personally i feel he’s pretty gross, not pretty! And the long hair and weird beard going on is a definate no no. The adverts stupid too…

the hook: on brands and media

Brad Pitt is now hawking Chanel No. 5.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

If you missed the monologue because you were too occupied staring at a pretty man in dire need of a haircut, here it is:

It’s not a journey.
Every journey ends, but we go on.
The world turns and we turn with it.
Plans disappear, dreams take over,
But wherever I go, there you are.
My luck, my fate, my fortune
Chanel No. 5

So that’s nonsense, essentially. And I find it a little strange coming from a man.

That being said, the ladies love them some Brad; so the chances this commercial flops aren’t great. For me, however, the ad (teased by industry publications for some time) fell flat. And if I were to do the casting, I would go in another direction.

Chanel No. 5 is the ultimate in women’s fragrance…

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New how i met your mother!!

17 Oct

New how i met your mother!!

I dont just spend my time thinking about weddings..eughhh…finished with that for a few years yet…other things that happened today was i watched the latest episode of how i met your mother. Love this show! This series is not out in england yet, but managed to find it on the web 😉 cheeky


And also dream dress…

17 Oct

And also dream dress…

Ive always wanted a vintage dress and this is toooo gorge! this whole website/company is amazing!

It will be interesting to see if my ideas have chaged in a few years…

But enough about weddings aghhhhhhhh


Dream Wedding Venue

17 Oct

Dream Wedding Venue

Me and boyff drove past this place a few weeks ago. you cant see it off the road, but i saw the sign and decided to look it up and fell in love with the place (almost as much as with him haha). I just thought it cant hurt to look 😉


Todays episode of dont tell the birde!

17 Oct

Todays episode of dont tell the bride!

Makes me want a wedding!! Few years yet though! maybe after uni…